1) Health of the flock
Our flock is closed except for a new ram every few years We do not show our sheep
Fully Certified USDA Voluntary Scrapie Program Flock #7
Member OPP Concerned Sheep Breeders Society - our entire flock has had two AGID
tests and all were negative.
2) Temperament
Our ewes are all very calm. We have culled for temperament.
3) Conformation
We are striving to produce sound, majestic true to type Romneys.
4) Fleece
Through careful research we have introduced spectacular rams by outright purchase
and laparoscopic insemination.
We specialize in raising colored Romeys. In 2008, 14 0f our 18 lambs were colored. We have award winning fleece!
Fleece Show Results:
2003 VT 1st Long Black - Zorro
2003 VT 3rd Long White - Ella
2004 VT 1st Long Black - Gigi
2005 NH 1st Romney - Bathsheba
2005 NH 3rd Romney - Gigi
2006 NH 1st Romney - Bathsheba
2006 NH 3rd Romney - Indigo
2006 Champlain Valley -ARBA Regional Natural Colored:
1st Bathsheba
2nd Indigo
3rd Iris
2006 Rhinebeck Long Wool Colored 2nd Iris

2008 NH 2nd Romney - Bathsheba
2008 Rhinebeck ARBA Regional Fleece Competition:
5th Colored Ram - Noir
1st Colored Ewe - Bathsheba
2009 NH 1st Romney - Bathsheba
Grand Champion Colored Fleece - Bathsheba

5) Reproduction
Only ewes with impeccable lambing histories are retained - others are culled and given to
4-H and other carefully selected farms where their fleece, temperament and registration
papers are appreciated.



Fleece Awards